Johan Chiri Found Guilty In 2015 Murder of Wife

On April 07, 2015, Johan Chiri stabbed his wife in the neck, cut her throat, and left her lifeless body on the bed to be found by their 10 and 12 year old daughters. After her death the defendant did not deny his actions. Rather, he claimed that he was insane at the time of the crime. It was a tragic and violent encounter that ended the life of this beautiful woman; the ultimate act of domestic violence. A planned execution inspired by mistrust and rage.

For decades, the defendant struggled with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. He repeatedly suffered the delusion that his wife was sleeping with another man. That man had a name and a face and was a person actually known to his family. But, it simply wasn’t true. Properly medicated, Chiri had the ability to recognize his wife’s infidelity as a total figment of his imagination. Unmedicated, his mind was filled with racing thoughts of his wife’s tawdry affair. Yet, Chiri refused to take his medication and persisted in using illegal drugs.

Nearly three after the killing, Johan Chiri was convicted of First Degree Murder by a Volusia County jury which unanimously rejected his claim of insanity. In Florida, a defendant may not be convicted if his mental state is such that he does not appreciate the wrongfulness of his actions. It was the defendant’s burden to show by clear and convincing evidence that he should not be punished because his mental illness deprived him of the ability to determine right from wrong.

In this case the evidence was clear. The defendant was driven by jealousy when he brutally killed his wife, Milena Chiri. It was his imaginary notion of her infidelity that led to the death of a beautiful woman, loving wife, and mother of two young girls. While his mental illness gave him false visions, he always knew it was wrong to kill. He did it anyway and is now serving the life sentence he deserves.

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  • Henry Frederick
    commented 2018-05-09 03:09:14 -0400
    Johan Chiri is a disgusting human being. His life sentence is one of the reasons I am endorsing Ryan Will for Circuit Judge in the 2018 elections. Will had the courage to push for the maximum prosecution and sentence as he overcame the odds of a did not cave to claims of mental illness. Chiri was a sadistic and controlling sociopath who knew what he was doing. He didn’t merely slash her throat as reported in the press-release driven news stories. Chiri nearly decapitated his terrorized wife whose lifeless body was discovered by the older of the married couples two young girls. When you hear the girl’s cries to law enforcement in the 9-1-1 call you will understand as I do why Joseph Ryan Will’s sense of decency, understanding, and application of the law in real terms is so crucial in balancing the scales of justice.
    — Henry Frederick, publisher of and award-winning journalist